John Uhr

John Uhr

Professor, Policy and Governance Program
Crawford School of Public Policy
Australian National University
Canberra, Australian Capital Territory
Australia 0200

Room 3.50, J.G. Crawford Building
Telephone: (02) 6125 3668
Fax: (02) 6125 3051

John Uhr grew up in Brisbane, Australia. He completed his BA (Hons) at the University of Queensland and his MA and PhD from the University of Toronto, Canada. He has extensive work experience in the Australian Parliament: as Parliamentary Fellow in the Parliamentary Library 1980-1982; as research officer with the Public Accounts Committee in 1983; and from 1984-1989 as secretary to various Senate committees, such as the Senate Regulations and Ordinances Committee, the Senate Scrutiny of Bills Committee and a number of Senate estimates committees; and as director of the Senate’s research and education section.

Since 1990, he has been teaching at the Australian National University, Canberra: including periods as director of the former Federalism Research Centre. He has published Deliberative Democracy in Australia: the changing place of Parliament (Cambridge University Press 1998) and Terms of Trust: arguments over ethics in Australian government (University of New South Wales Press 2005). He has been a Senate Fellow and was a member of the inaugural committee to advise the President of the Senate on the Baker Prize for research promoting understanding of the Australian Senate. Member, Editorial Board, Australasian Parliamentary Review, journal of the Australasian Study of Parliament Group (ASPG), 2004 continuing.

Recent publications

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‘How democratic is parliament? A case study in auditing the performance of parliaments’. Discussion paper of June 2005 on website of ANU Democratic Audit of Australia.

‘Ministerial Responsibility: 2005’, invited speaker, annual conference of Australian Conference of Constitutional Law, University of New South Wales, 18 February 2005: available at:

Recent book chapters

‘Bicameralism’, chapter 25 in R Rhodes, S Binder and B Rockman eds Oxford Handbook of Political Institutions. Oxford University Press 2006.

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Recent journal articles

The Australian and New Zealand Parliaments: context, response and capacity’, Australian Journal of Political Science, 41/2, June 2006, 257-272 (jointly written with E McLeay).

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